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An exciting documentary film is in the making  

What do the world's greatest architects have to say about their profession changing
with time and technology? One student seeks the answer.

The world's most acclaimed architects have a story to tell. Their craft is transforming as time, technology and a new generation take the helm. Is there a place for the traditional craft of an architect in today's computer age?

One curious student seeks the answer and discovers the distinctive people behind Australia's most iconic architecture, as well as leading architectural thinkers across the globe.

Discover why this story must be told -- and see where the future of this craft must go.



Philip Cox

PHOTOS clockwise from top:

Ken Woolley and Paula Harwood share a laugh; Philip Cox takes a moment of repose during his interview for the film;Paula stands in front of Gabriel Poole's iconic architecture.

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Early praise from the industry:

"I wish to provide mine and the University's strongest endorsement of this film project. This documentary is necessary and worthwhile... We wish this project every success."

Ramsey Awad
University of Newcastle

"... a necessary contribution to the Australian public and the arena of architecture in Australia. I encourage professional organisations to support it."

Stuart Landrigan
Registered Architect

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