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Gabriel Poole observes wife Elisabeth's talk about artDavid Krantz is a Perth-based architect who pioneered the construction of load-bearing brick skyscrapers

Architects actively seek to learn from the past as they invent the new. Precedent study is an integral part of new designs; movements in architecture evolve in response to the ones prior, and the wisdom of generations long gone is reinforced in time-proven building methods.

But alongside this tradition, is a new playing ground – technology. Both engineering technology and computer aids have allowed a new platform for architects around the globe. Previously inconceivable feats are being achieved and the voice of the past has a declining sound in the new landscape.

Or does it? We follow a student architect who seeks to resolve whether the wisdom of the elders still fits in today’s fast-changing technological age. She discovers philosophies that will open the eyes and minds of anyone who has an interest in buildings, towns, cultures and how they are created. She meets the architects who are considered Australia's living legends, as well as key players in the digital and analogue worlds of architecture across the globe.

While journeying to meet these iconic people, she discovers that the gems she was searching for are actually in the humanity of the architects.

Discover the people who are most influential in the world of architecture -- and see where the future of this craft must go.

Elders: Great Australian Architects Speak 
is a legacy worth making.

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Top: Queensland architect Gabriel Poole observes discussion about art, with wife Elizabeth Poole

Above: Architect David Krantz, lively and passionate about his pioneering load-bearing brick tower buildings in Perth

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