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A legacy for generations - Company Message
  Elise Bailey Productions proudly presents
Elders: Great Australian Architects Speak

ELISE BAILEY PRODUCTIONS logoAustralian architect documentary film now in production!

Elise Bailey is a film director, producer and editor from the United States and the Hollywood film industryDirector Elise Bailey is originally from Los Angeles California, and now resides in Australia. Elise both produced and starred in two US television series, Dolphin Adventures and Elise Bailey's Enchanted Ocean, which featured on networks such as The Science Channel, The Learning Channel, CBS, The Water Channel, FOX, King Television and more. Elise's film credits include In Search of Tedd Demme, All’s Faire In Love, The 1959 Burst and Maladies. With the skill and expertise of the Hollywood industry, Elise knows what it takes to create powerful content for a demanding industry. 

Executive Producer Paula Harwood is also a graduate architect from the University of Newcastle, NSWExecutive Producer Paula Harwood has a 15-year background in marketing, media and public relations as well as a Bachelor of Design (Architecture) degree. Paula is the Executive Producer for this production and the key coordinator for its business and marketing prospects. Paula has inspired the creation of this film when, during her time in study, she felt implored to action by a heartfelt speech given by one of Australia's most recognised architects, Glenn Murcutt.

Dr Yannis Zavoleas is an expert research consultant with international pioneering knowledgeResearch consultant Dr Yannis Zavoleas explores the idea of digital media as extended "tools for thought," by bridging new technologies with core twentieth century architectural discourse. He is the author of the book Machine and Network as Structural Models in Architecture and co-editor of Surface: Digital Materiality and the new Relation Between Depth and Surface. Dr Zavoleas has delivered over forty lectures in conferences and universities globally about architecture, theory, technology, communications and art, has published journals, been awarded in two architectural competitions and won the research Excellence Award (The University of Newcastle, Australia, 2014).

Follow Yannis' blog www.yzarch.wordpress.com

cameraCamera crew We are grateful to have two of Australia's best cameramen on our team; Kerry Smith and Michael Grace, who each have long careers working with Australian television such as Ten News, The Project, Seven News, Sunrise, National Nine News, ABC News, 7:30, SBS World News, Sky News, Sky Racing, Sky Sport, Prime Television and NBN television, along with independent commercial productions and films.

Collaboration This project is a collaborative effort and we appreciate the input of various professionals:

Professors and staff at the University of Newcastle,
The Australian Institute of Architects,
Film and television industry experts around the globe, including Cynthia Huffman of American Productions.

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