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A legacy for generations - Company Message

The Architects

Australia's history as an emerging nation has seen society follow in the footsteps of European architectural traditions, until late last century when key architects formed the country's own cultural architectural identity. See these great architects speak and you will understand how people across the globe are influenced by the buildings in their towns and cities.

This film not only features Australia’s most awarded and recognised senior architects, many of whom are household names and Gold Medall recipients, but also world-leading experts on the influence of our digital age on the craft of architecture, and the importance of the traditions of the craft.

You will be captivated by what they have to say, where they’ve come from and how their knowledge is so important to our time.

Gregory Burgess 

Philip Cox

Kerry and Lindsay Clare

Peter McIntyre

Richard Johnson

David Krantz

Richard Leplastrier and Glenn Murcutt in conversation

Lawrence Nield

Juhani Pallasmaa

Gabriel Poole
Bert Read

Peter Stutchbury

Enrico Taglietti
Ken Woolley

Yannis Zavoleas

 ...and more! 

Other architects soon to be announced -- watch this space!

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